WHO I AM?...
I am your TYPE
Andy Estrada, 34 year-old, Graphic & Lettering Designer. Graduated from the Metropolitan Institute of Design (UIO). Currently he is in Quito-Ecuador, after living in Buenos Aires for 3 years (2016 -2019), where he obtained a degree in Design and Communication from the University of Palermo. 
In Buenos Aires, he worked in different design agencies, NGO's and freelance for different local brands such as Arcor and international brands such as P&G and PEPSICO. In the future, as a dream, he would like to travel around the world, making a first stop in Barcelona-Spain and visiting some art places.

Obsessive dreamer, perfectionist and creative, are not only qualities, are values that define him. Personally, he considers himself a person open to generate new bonds, to know people at every moment and to live every experience of life, both personal and professional. 
"Soy tu tipo", as it is known in networks, is open to work with new clients for the rest of the year and the rest of 2022.
For inquiries: andresestrada_dg@outlook.com

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